ABBA The Concert

ABBA on Stage

Sound of helicopter coming in to land (indoor venues only)

1. Tiger

2. That’s Me

3. Waterloo

Björn: "Hello (insert city here)!" and introduces 'SOS'

4. SOS

Björn tells a story about a guy sitting in a palmtree to get his girlfriend's attention

5. Sitting In The Palmtree

Benny: "Frida's gonna sing something new"

6. Money, Money, Money

Björn introduces "one of our oldest hits"

7. He Is Your Brother

8. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do

Björn introduces Benny and his accordion.

Showing off the sound effects: the girls become a train, Benny talks really deep and Björn turns into a chipmunk (when the effects work right)

Benny plays a short refrain from 'Waltzing Matilda' (traditional Australian song)

9. Dum Dum Diddle

10. When I Kissed The Teacher

Bjorn & Agnetha caught between two songs

Benny introduces "another song from the Arrival album"

11. Knowing Me, Knowing You

12. Rock Me

Frida: "I would like to tell you something. It's often been said there's a wall of sound behind us, and tonight there's a wall of sound in front of us".

Frida introduces a brand new song, "just for you. For a change, Benny will play the guitar and even sing"

13. We Are A Simple Four Letter Word (a.k.a. I Am An A)
click on the title for the lyrics

14. I’ve Been Waiting For You

15. Mamma Mia

16. Fernando
plus reprise: audience sing-a-long

Frida & Agnetha singing Fernando

Björn: "You'll all be discovered tonight"

17. Why Did It Have To Be Me

18. Intermezzo no 1

Björn introduces "The Girl With The Golden Hair"

19. "The Girl With The Golden Hair"
- a mini-musical in 4 scenes -
a. Thank You For The Music
b. I Wonder (Departure)
c. I’m A Marionette
d. Get On The Carousel
click on the title for complete lyrics including linking narration

Finale of "The Girl With The Golden Hair"

Björn introduces "a rock 'n' roll song"

20. So Long
includes short excerpt from 'In The Mood' (Glen Miller)


Björn introduces 'Dancing Queen' : "We're gonna play a dancing number now"

21. Dancing Queen

Dancing Queen-

22. Thank You For The Music (reprise)

Some songs sung by Björn were dropped for some of the concerts in Melbourne, due to his suffering food poisoning.
‘So Long’ was not performed at the first concert in Sydney on 3 March.
One show, possibly the matinee concert in Melbourne on 6 March, featured 'Fernando' after "The Girl With The Golden Hair" and before 'So Long'.
One show reportedlyh featured 'Mamma Mia' after "The Girl With The Golden Hair".


Anni-Frid Lyngstad, vocals
Benny Andersson, keyboards/vocals
Björn Ulvæus, guitars/vocals
Agnetha Fältskog, vocals

Ulf Andersson, saxes
Ola Brunkert, drums
Anders Eljas, keyboards
Wojciech Ernest, keyboards
Malando Gassama, percussion
Rutger Gunnarsson, bass
Lars Karlsson, saxes
Finn Sjöberg, guitars
Lars Wellander, guitars

Lena Andersson, Lena-Maria Gårdenäs-Lawton, Maritza Horn, backup vocals

Francis Matthews, narrator "The Girl With The Golden Hair"

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