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ABBA perfroming the National jingle ABBA performing the National jingle ABBA in "Benny & Frida's apartment" ABBA in "Benny & Frida's apartment" Agnetha & Bjorn "on TV" Advertising the National commercials
Performing in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel, Stockholm ABBA in Benny and Frida's apartment Agnetha and Bj�rn "on TV" Newspaper advertisement
Postcard: ABBA riding bikes Postcard: ABBA in the ballroom of the Grand Hotel Postcard: Picnic in the grounds of the Swedish King's Summer Palace Postcard: Frida & Agnetha recording the National jingle Postcard: Benny & Frida National Catalogue 1977
Promotional postcards Catalogue 1977
National Catalogue 1978 Poster Display stand National billboard National badge Agnetha playing with a toy donkey
Catalogue 1978 Advertisement Cardboard display stand Billboard Badge Agnetha with toy donkey
Benny listening to the radio Bjorn playing the guitar Agnetha riding a bike Frida riding a bike Frida with camera ABBA performing the National jingle at the Summer Palace
Benny listening to a radio Bj�rn playing the guitar Agnetha and Frida ride bikes in the grounds of the Summer Palace "Smile" Singing the song
TV folder Advertisement for new televisions Flyer for a new television National TV News
Promotional folder Advertisement for range of televisions TV set flyer National TV News

The making of the National commercial
The commercials
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