The following sources were used in the compilation of the information contained in these pages:

Personal collection 1975 - 2018 

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National Film & Sound Archive.

Australian Record Labels

More *ABBA* Stuff; Marco Sweers. Sadly Marco left us on October 2, 1997, but this site will continue in his memory.

ABBAMAIL; Graeme Read,  Grant Whittingham and the many, many contributors to the mail list.

Extraordinary thanks to my "research team", Jeff Chandler and John Wilton, for continual updates and further information.

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Micke Andersson, Neil Barber, Sara Russell (née Barnes), Pablo Berroteran, Patrick Blake, JP Bolton, Håkan Borg, Fred Bronson, Michael Cain, Quinton Clem, Craig Conley, Mark Creek, Matti Crocker, Bob Croucher, Jason Dann, David (?), Claes Davidsson, Julie Dawes, Aaron Evans, David Fyfe, Jeffrey de Hart, Roger Ekland, Anthony Harrison, Greg Hartney, Colin Hughes, Andre Hyde, Samuel Inglles, Patrick Jauffert, Pentti Koponen, Michael Kyriagis, Sarah Marchant, Gerard Maree, Ian Marks, Robert McGillivray, John McKechnie, Trent Nickson, Nina (?), James O'Brien, Cathy Olds, Carl Magnus Palm, Peter Palmqvist, Judith Penrose, Graeme Read, Jeff Roberts, Luke Rogers, Lisa Ryan, Gustav Sandberg, Judy Sawyer, Mike Scurr, Masakazu Shibasaki, John Slaven, Damien Spanjer, Yvonne Spring, John Arild Stubberud, the late Marco Sweers, Mark Taylor, Christian Thomasson, Walter Veldman, Grant Whittingham, Michael Young, and Adrian Zorec. Apologies to anyone else whom I may have inadvertently forgotten.

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Joel Bennett, George Bourdaniotis, Grant Cotteral, Tony D'Aguanno, Thomas del Pozo, Cliff Docherty, Russell Forden, Harold Hanlon, Mark Hannam, Joseph Kerski, Mark Lewisohn (author The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions and The Complete Beatles Chronicle); David Mason, Phillip McGrath, Gavin McGuren, James O'Brien, Fernando Olguin, Jean-Marie Potiez, Brian Sendelbach, Sergey (?), the late Nicholas Schaffner (author The Beatles Forever); Virginia Sobrepena, Lynn Stratton, Helga van der Kar, Robert Verbeek, and Stuart Watson.

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