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Note: singles without front and back covers pictured here are the same on both sides. Singles not shown did not come in a picture sleeve. See a note on RCA records for further explanation.

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Waterloo EP Waterloo EP Dancing Queen That's Me Dancing Queen That's Me
"Waterloo" EP Dancing Queen/That's Me Dancing Queen/That's Me
(front) (back) (front) (back) (front) (back)
original 1974 issue 1st issue "backwards B �" 2nd issue "forwards B" (see Discography for explanation)
Dancing Queen That's Me Money, Money, Money Crazy World Knowing Me, Knowing You Happy Hawaii
Dancing Queen/That's Me Money, Money, Money/Crazy World Knowing Me, Knowing You/
Happy Hawaii
(front) (back) (front) (back)
3rd issue "backwards B, no �" (front) (back)
The Name Of The Game Take A Chance On Me Eagle Summer Night City Chiquitita Does Your Mother Know
The Name Of The Game/I Wonder (Departure) Take A Chance On Me/I'm A Marionette Eagle/Thank You For The Music Summer Night City/Medley Chiquitita/Lovelight Does Your Mother Know/Kisses Of Fire
Voulez-Vous Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Waterloo EP Waterloo EP I Have A Dream The Winner Takes It All
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!/The King Has Lost His Crown "Waterloo" EP I Have A Dream/
Take A Chance On Me (live)
The Winner Takes It All/Elaine
(front) (back)
1979 reissue
On And On And On When All Is Said Is Done When All Is Said And Done Soldiers The Day Before You Came Under Attack
On And On And On/The Piper When All Is Said Is Done (front)
almost issued misprint *
When All Is Said And Done/
The Day Before You Came/Cassandra Under Attack/You Owe Me One
(front) (back)
issued version

* (note: I had to cut and paste this cover to demonstrate what it would have looked like. Sadly I don't have this one in my collection)

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Dancing Queen Dancing Queen Dancing Queen Put On Your White Sombrero Put On Your White Sombrero Put On Your White Sombrero
Dancing Queen/The Day Before You Came Put On Your White Sombrero/Dream World/Dame! Dame! Dame!
(front) (back) (disc)
(front) (back) (disc)
only available with ABBA Forever Gold slipcase edition

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