Tour is the word for ‘record’ success in Australia

TV Week 3 January 1976

Last week we covered the Australian acts who made the Australian charts in 1975. So this week we are going to have a look at the international groups who dominated our charts throughout the same period.

Probably the group to make the biggest impression on the Australian charts for 1975 was the Swedish group ABBA. Not since The Beatles has a group achieved three singles at the one time on our charts, but ABBA did it with Mamma Mia, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, and most recently with S.O.S 

Not only that, it looks as if Mamma Mia could be the biggest selling single for 1975.

The odd thing about this group is that image wise we only know four members, the piano player, the bass player and the two female singers, but in fact when recording in Sweden the group use a lot of Swedish musicians to record their backing tracks. Session men or not, this certainly hasn’t stopped ABBA from becoming one of the top world sellers of today, and I would imagine that in 1976 we will still see this group dominate the charts.

And don’t forget that there is a proposed ABBA Australian tour late this year.

Photo: ABBA…they made the biggest impression with three singles in the charts at the one time.

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