The real ABBA in their stars

By Richard Sterling - Women's Day 7 March 1977

Agnetha – Agnetha Fältskog was born in Aries on 5th April, 1950, and this sign of the zodiac gives her that delightful sparkle which is so appealing. However, Neptune’s strong influence shows that she has a vivid imagination and is often given to day-dreaming. Self-discipline would not always be easy, so her professional commitments and obligations to the group will often get her down. Venus joined to Jupiter makes Agnetha an extremely affectionate person and she thoroughly enjoys indulging in the pleasures and luxuries which go with her status income. She is romantically attracted to unusual people.

Frida – Anni-Frid Lyngstad was born in Scorpio on 15th November, 1945, so she puts a great deal of intensity into everything, whether it is working, playing or loving. At birth Mars was in conflict with Venus, the symbol of her feelings and affections, so her emotional partnerships, love-life and marriage will not always be happy and harmonious. However, a major sign, the Saturn star pattern, shows that she has a great sense of responsibility and she will put important obligations before her personal likes and dislikes. Frida is intensely loyal, honest and capable, so she would be a real asset in any group.

Benny – Benny Andersson was born on 16th December, 1946, in Sagitarius, a zodiac sign which gives him a great love of freedom and independence – qualities not always compatible with the ties of marriage. However, Venus joined to Jupiter (which makes him very affectionate, loving and romantic) is a star pattern which is also found in his band member Agnetha Fältskog’s horoscope so they have much in common. Saturn makes him a deep thinker, a long-range planner and helps to offset the fire of Mars which indicates an impulsive, impetuous streak in his nature.

Björn – Björn Ulvaeus was born on 25th April, 1945 in the artistic music-loving sign of Taurus. Mercury joined to Venus shows that he has a charming, friendly, popular and affectionate nature with a real appreciation of all that is beautiful. However, this same star pattern will either make life difficult for Benny’s children or prevent him from having a family. Mars opposing Jupiter shows that he can be very extravagant and reckless at times because he enjoys thrills, adventure, excitement….

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