More of ABBA

The Australian Women's Weekly 14 April 1976

ABBA, the phenomenally successful Swedish recording group which has just visited Australia for the National Nine Network, is expected to tour Australia, in concert, at the end of the year.

Plans for the tour have firmed since the cosmic success of its TCN9 special, the most highly rated pop show ever telecast on the network.

The special, The Best of ABBA, took over the Bandstand 6.30 p.m. time slot for a first showing, and was repeated last week in Wednesday’s prime time-slot, 8.30 p.m.

Once more its ratings staggered the TCN9 brass.

I watched ABBA record the special. Live they are so fluid that their worldwide success immediately becomes understandable. When they did Rock Me I thought the whole place, audience, studio and technicians would take off.

Later again I watched them do an exclusive recording of their new number, Dancing Queen, to be telecast on Bandstand (now at the top of the Australian pop show ratings) as soon as it becomes number one on the Top 40.

Dancing Queen is well worth waiting for. It’s great!

The ABBA group, Björn and Benny, Agnetha and Anni-Frid, speak good English and almost always sing in English because they believe it to be the language of rock.

Björn and Benny, as well as being instrumentalists, write nearly all ABBA’s lyrics and all the music, and are better at colloquial English than the girls.

Frida, who wears her rich chestnut brown hair in a fringed page-boy, made me laugh when I told her I thought all Swedish women had blonde hair like Anna’s long milk-white tresses.

“This is not my born hair-colour,” she said pulling at her hair. “My colour is that of a rat with money.”

A rat with money floored me, but the penny dropped suddenly and said: “Rich mouse?” Frida clasped my hands and said “Thank you, thank you.”

©1976 The Australian Women's Weekly. Thanks to Samuel Inglles.