Cuddly Roo prefers his blonde: Blonde pop singer Agnetha Fältskog makes friends with a kangaroo at Taronga Zoo Park yesterday

The Sunday Telegraph 7 March 1976

ABBA, the Swedish pop group, found yesterday that kangaroos, like gentlemen – prefer blondes.

The group snatched a few minutes yesterday to visit Taronga Zoo and play with a few Australian animals.

When they were given a four-month-old red kangaroo to play with they found he preferred Agnetha Fältskog, the group’s long haired blonde singer.

Even when he was being cuddled by brunette Anni-Frid Lyngstad he clamoured to get back to Agnetha.

The group, which is on a nine-day visit to Australia, spent about 30 minutes at the zoo.   

No Concerns

They fitted the visit between interviews in the morning and recording two songs for TV’s Bandstand in the afternoon.

They will spend today and next Friday recording a Bandstand Special.

The rest of the week they will make appearances around Australia and record segments of Celebrity Squares.

They will not give any concerts in Australia this time, but will return for a tour in November.

The group now sells more records than anyone else in Australia.

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