All the world wants Swedish stars: Channel 9 flooded with offers to buy ABBA’s Bandstand Show

The Daily Telegraph 18 March 1976

Channel 9 has been swamped with overseas offers to buy the Bandstand special made last week by Swedish pop group ABBA.

The show: The Best Of ABBA – has attracted buyers in Europe and America… and it hasn’t gone to air yet.

A relieved channel 9 was relying on overseas sales to offset the cost of bringing the chart busting pop group to Australia.

Program manager Lynton Taylor said yesterday the station would probably “go closer” to getting back as much as they paid for the program.

“We are hoping for a rating in the high 30s on Saturday which will put us well ahead of the other stations,” he said.

“We have also had a lot of interest from American and European television stations, so we should get back a big part of our outlay.

“We’re so happy with the special we are looking forward to bringing out other big name performers to do similar shows.”

The Bandstand special is one of the most glittering shows produced in Australia.

The special will go to air on Saturday night.

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