ABBA’s future - Astrologer’s predictions: All is not glitter in the personal horoscopes of ABBA.
Our astrologer Marc de Pascale sees fortunate influences in ABBA’s star charts

Pix/People 9 December1976

Looking at the horoscopes of the members of ABBA, it is easy to see why they have shot to the top of the charts. Somehow people have instinctively seen what an astrologer can discern immediately on viewing their horoscopes; each of the group approaches the classification of genius in his or her own right. As a group, their talent is multiplied by four because, although they are all individuals, each is sufficiently easy going to do whatever is needed for the common good.

By comparing the positions of planets in their individual horoscopes it’s possible to find out exactly how compatible two or more people are. The horoscopes for ABBA show almost totally identical aims in life: Mercury, the planet of the mind, is totally in accord so their mental attitude to life is similar. Venus, planet of artistry and affection, isn’t found in all their signs, but similar star patterns are formal between them, so their artistic skills and aims are similar.

There are many close astrological ties and that’s the greatest danger; when a group of people with such similar aims and attitudes are constantly thrown together, accompanied by so much publicity, and adulation, it is not long before the similarities which brought them together start to irritate.

Unfortunately the eventual fate of ABBA by the stars is to be the same as The Beatles – they will start to break up probably toward the end of 1977, perhaps earlier.

Fortunately this cannot be said of their personal relationships: Agnetha’s marriage to Björn seems very safe and there is very little likelihood of Frida and Benny parting.

The joint fate of these people is good by the stars. They may not last past 1978 as a group, but as individual artists, they will continue to do very well. Certainly not at the same height of fame as at present.

That’s the general picture; we’ll look at the individual horoscopes of Agnetha, Björn, Frida and Benny, and then the couples’ combined stars.

Agnetha (Aries)

Being born as Aries gives Agnetha a great deal of mental energy and a quick, nimble wit. She is a natural leader, a trifle headstrong and impulsive but very enterprising and full of ideas. She doesn’t like to be told what to do – she likes to give orders, not take them.

Agnetha has a great love of freedom and fair play, so if her sensibilities in either of these areas are offended she is liable to go to extremes of righteous indignation. She is very forceful in furthering her ambitions because if she feels that a particular course of action will even slightly further her career she becomes compelling and immoderate.

Agnetha has very definite ideas about art and it is very difficult to improve on these ideas because she has a great deal of artistic talent. This is shown by a particularly favourable star pattern between Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, a combination which will eventually bring her a great deal of money and fame in her own right.

She has a bright, cheerful mind, a very friendly and outgoing nature, a fondness for pleasure and a liking for the refined arts. There are definite indications that she likes to collect things, possibly pieces of furniture or works of art.

Star patterns formed by the planet Venus ensure that she will always gain through her talents, accomplishments or good taste. These are the stars which have taken her into the world of entertainment and will see to it that she stays on top for a long time.

Agnetha has an excellent imagination, is very idealistic and has a poetic nature: the group would do very well to have Agnetha write the song lyrics.

She is a generous, loving, amiable person, hospitable, good humoured and well-liked by many influential people. Her personality is attractive and she gains many unusual friends and acquaintances who are prepared to go out of their way to help her.

Björn (Taurus)

Björn is very self-reliant, determined, stable and cautious. He is very patient and will wait a long time for his plans to work out the way he wants. Like all Taureans, he is a placid, gentle person until provoked, when he unleashes a fury from which all recoil. When he is pushed too far he is totally unyielding.

He is devoted to the arts, music, literature and almost any form of amusement and entertainment.

He is a tireless worker with a latent source of energy which keeps him plodding on long after most people would have given up.

Björn is a very sincere and considerate person. He has his own opinions from which he will not be swayed but he has no desire to inflict his opinions on anyone else.

He has a good mind, a bit serious and given to brooding, but there is a great deal of practicality to assist in putting the schemes he devises into practice. However, he does need to restrain his desire to lead and control others until he has learned complete self-control. This is particularly important for Björn because he is a person who will always have to struggle to make ends meet and get things done.

If he has to find his own way through life he is unlikely to get very far. Although he is honest and ambitious and his ideas are good, they don’t always work out the way he expects. He is a hard worker, but left to his own resources he receives little gain and would almost certainly fail in business on his own.

He has poor stars for marriage, speculation and land or property transactions. He is not a particularly self-centred person but as he advances into middle age he will become more selfish and inconsiderate. There will be periods of worry and gloom and an increasing tendency to mistrust those around him, even though he may not voice his mistrust.

Frida (Scorpio)

Frida has a very strong personality, keen judgment and a certain innate shrewdness. She tends to be critical, suspicious and sceptical but enterprising, reserved and tenacious. Luxury and good living have a very strong appeal to Frida, but at the same time she tends to be economical and calculating and except on special occasions she is reluctant to indulge herself 

Being energetic with a reserve strength to keep her going after most people have given up; makes Frida a valuable asset in any business. She is capable of attending her own affairs and leaving others to attend theirs, but when she feels that duty demands it, she is very quick and capable at making trouble for others.

Star patterns formed between the planet Mercury and Jupiter give Frida a broad philosophical mind with the ability to think deeply and clearly. She has good judgment through comparison and learning, a kind disposition and an honest, sincere outlook. This star pattern also brings inspirational ideas and logical conclusions. There is success indicated in literature, teaching or some highly esteemed professional career which calls for imagination and artistic ability.

Like most Scorpios she has an active mind but can be impulsive and bitingly sarcastic when the mood takes her. She’s very observant and ingenious but can be intensely critical, at times to her detriment.

If any of ABBA come under the harsh spotlight of public criticism, it will be Frida who precipitates the criticism and probably Frida who deserves it most. Unfortunately as a Scorpio Frida will not be able to control these conditions because she tends to blurt out things which she probably means at the time but which are better left unsaid and which she probably would not mean.

Frida has the spirit of the reformer and idealistic: She wants to right all of the wrongs of the world but she wants to do it overnight and single-handed. She constantly needs new fields to conquer and new models of action to keep her brilliant intellect on the move.

Benny (Sagittarius)

Benny born in the sign of Sagittarius gives Benny a bright, jovial and generous attitude to life. He has a charitable nature; frank, outspoken and scrupulously honest. Liberty in all forms is very important to Benny – he can’t stand being driven and must be his own master at all times.

The sign Sagittarius is usually associated with outdoor sports so it is very likely that Benny enjoys horse riding or is interested in some sporting activity such as archery or tennis.

His mind is quick and inventive, always looking for new and original solutions, novelty and new opportunities. There is some danger through unreliable friends, strangers and intrigue.

Because of the position of the planet Mars, he will have many ups and downs in life and many obstacles placed in his path. As a Sagittarian, anger and pride will cause difficulties in his business and personal life. His temper is fiery and hasty, making him occasionally too outspoken, assertive, aggressive and self-willed. He is quick to defend himself even when there is no need, but because he is so likeable in so many other ways, his friends forgive him readily and even strangers make allowances.

The position of Venus in his horoscope gives him an excellent imagination, poetic appreciation and a keen sense of beauty. His motives are high and his ambitions is to settle for nothing less than the top.

In his horoscope the Moon shows almost identical star patterns to Björn. This makes Benny generally popular, fond of pleasure, warm hearted and fond of the company of the young. It increases the affectionate side of his nature, making him courteous, affable and kind and helps him make friends quickly an easily.

This position of the Moon also brings a liking for nice clothes and the better things of life. He needs constant approval, so he may sometimes be justly accused of playing to the crowd even when he is not on stage. With this star pattern, Benny is not likely ever to work alone – he needs the backing of someone in tune with his thoughts and feelings.

In his horoscope the Sun and Uranus form an adverse star pattern which tends to bring bursts of impulsive or erratic behaviour. There are areas in his life which are radical and quite unconventional.

Anna to Björn

Between the horoscope of Anna and Björn there are 17 major star patterns, and eight are adverse. This is usually an indication of impermanence and considering that Björn’s personal stars for marriage are poor, if this marriage is to continue for the rest of their lives they must make many adjustments. However, some of the nine favourable star patterns are very potent so with a little intelligent application – and both are intelligent – it’s possible that this marriage will last.

The Sun in Anna’s horoscope forms an adverse star pattern to the Moon in Björn’s horoscope. This is an emotional configuration bringing a clash between Anna’s desire to dominate and Björn’s need to be freely creative. However, there is an attraction here provided there is agreement about who rules which part of their lives. If this can be arranged amicably, this particular star pattern can actually be beneficial for marriage.

There is a great deal of sympathy and compassion between these two people but there is also likely to be a certain amount of confusion, deception in little things and evasiveness by one or both. This is an adverse trend for business as there can be misconceptions and possibly even deception by one or both. Anna, like people born under the Aries sign, may tend to be jealous, possessive and demanding of Björn but quiet discussions can easily sort out any problems.

Frida to Benny

There are 14 major star patterns between the horoscopes of Frida and Benny. Of these 14 there are only two discordant trends, and this gives their relationship an almost fairytale atmosphere.

The Sun and Venus in the horoscopes of these two people form a favourable link and there is a powerful magnetic attraction and a deep love. There is a great deal of sympathy, affection, friendship and devotion between them. They can expect domestic happiness and fidelity with each encouraging and helping the other.

Adverse trends involving Venus and Saturn will bring Frida some unhappy experiences through Benny. Occasionally he will tend to be demanding and restrictive in some areas, creating an atmosphere of fear and anxiety which is not at all necessary. Fortunately these problems can be ironed out by open discussion and their joint horoscope indicates that there is a great deal of communication between them.

The joint horoscope indicates that each is benevolent and protective toward the other. They like to encourage each other and there are very few areas in which they don’t show tolerance, trust and forgiveness. There is a tendency to bring out the best in each other so it’s likely that Frida’s effect on Benny will be to lessen the demanding and restricting characteristics indicated by his own adverse star patterns.

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