ABBA’s Aussie fortune

TV Week - 16 October 1976

Living out of a suitcase is nothing new to Sweden’s super group, ABBA. And early next year they will be packing their suitcases again, for another Australian tour.

The tour is certain to be another million-dollar success for ABBA.

It is expected to create a record for the amount of money made on the Australian market by an overseas group.

The pop industry estimates that ABBA has already earned more than $2.8 million from the Australian market in record royalties, promotions and commercials.

But ABBA are thinking of more than money. As they admitted to TV Week’s Ian Meldrum, they are deeply in love with the country.

Meldrum reports they are counting the days ‘till they get back here.

“They say that their first promotional tour earlier this year wasn’t nearly long enough,” he says.

“And the prospect of doing live, outdoor concerts in our sunshine really appeals to them.

“ABBA want to see as much of Australia and as much of us all as possible during their next visit.”

ABBA will be appearing at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne and at the Sydney Showground.

Venues for Adelaide and Brisbane are yet to be decided. There is also the possibility the group will continue the tour through to Perth.

As an added highlight of their tour, ABBA have agreed to perform in a TV spectacular for nation-wide release, which is sure to rival the recent Nine Network’s Neil Diamond special from Sydney’s Randwick Racecourse.

Australia has been good to ABBA – their recent signing of a $1 million commercial contract gives proof of that – and the group is hoping that their next concert tour, 1977 style, will be a special way of saying “thanks”.

Photos: (1) While they drink to the success of their next Australian tour, the Australian pop industry is predicting a financial bonanza for the Swedish group. (2) Anna, married to Björn, shows off her favourite pair of hot pants. (3) Frida, the unmarried girl of the group. (4) Björn and the other members of the group are counting the days till they return to Australia. (4) Benny, ABBA’s unmarried male.

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