London, 28th February 1978

‘ABBA’ smash $55,139, London; ‘Wars’ 129G, 8th, ‘Julia’ 32½G

Variety (New York) Wednesday, 1 March 1978 

Along with improved weather, presumably helpful, frontline showmen also welcomed a new smash in the week herein covered Warners’ ABBA-The Movie, concert tour verity with the Swedish pop-stars, opened with a red hot $55,139 total at five houses to clinch another merry round and continue to current boom streak.

Otherwise, once again the big punch was delivered by the one-two from 20th, namely star wars with a magnificent $128,993 in eighth turn at two theatres, and “Julia” with a torrid $32,444 fourth lap for the 600-seat Odeon Haymarket. The b.o. has held steady in that region since opening day and shows no sign of flagging.

Second week for Disney’s “Candleshoe” turned up a happy $13,153, improving on its initial frame in St. Martin’s Lane. Conversely, second for “Viva Knievel,” which opened blah, was a poor $3,941 at two houses.

Among other holdovers, “Duellists” rated a potent $23,938 fourth at four spots, but “Choirboys” in ditto lap at two was a tame $10,630, while “One On One” rallied a good $7,158 through fifth session. Another fourth rounder, “First Love”, registered brisk $7,888.

After nine weeks, “Rollercoaster” checked out with a two-house fairish total of $14,900 while “The Deep” continued its rank flagship run in Leicester Sq. with an okay $14,717 in 10th turn.

Pardon, Mon Affaire” pulled a fancy $13,527 in Curzon sixth, and Visconti’s “The Innocent” held with a fine $6,728 in seventh at the screen on the Hill.

New in town is William Fried, Kin’s “The Sorcerer” via CIC, but under the original title “Wages Of Fear” and, says the director, cut by nearly 30 minutes. It’s at the mainstream Empire and two other houses.

Also in fresh contention is “The Four Feathers” remake via Trident-Barber, and “Holocaust 2000” (Kirk Douglas), Rank-released and in two situations. All in all, the West End hot streak figures to continue.

Note that all estimated net dollar figures above are at the $1.95 ex-change rate as of filing deadline.

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