ABBA blow church social scene

By S. Odom - RAM 13 August 1976

It’s sex, sex, sex all the way for these fun loving Swedes.

According to Sydney’s Sunday Mirror those previously klean-kut guys ‘n’ gals from ABBA advocate livin’ and sinnin’ together.

“Having sex and living together are perfectly natural and normal things to do,” Björn Ulvaeus is reported to have said.

Björn went on to reveal (horror! shock!) that he and the beautiful blonde Agnetha had lived together for 18 months before getting married.

By no coincidence, Agnetha is billed as having the sexiest bum in Europe.

More cold sin.

The other ABBA couple, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad have been living together for six years – and have no plans to wed.

“It’s hard for them to find the time and they are perfectly happy as they are.” Björn reports.

The Sunday Mirror huffed and puffed: “His outspoken comments are certain to have wide repercussions in Australia because of the group’s amazing popularity among teenagers and pre-teens.”

In other words – what are they going to play at the church socials now ABBA have revealed their seamy side?

Ironically, when ABBA were in Oz a few months ago, our very own Derek Johnson asked the group about sex.

Maybe Björn & Co. were feeling particularly pure that day. Maybe it was the lascivious leer on Derek’s visage. Maybe they were holding fast to the church social market.

Nowadays it seems it’s goodbye to all that.

“Well, we are not a very religious people I’m afraid,’” Björn says.

Meanwhile, ABBA’s November concert tour of Australia has definitely been called off.

Various reasons have been mooted. One is that the group is snubbing Oz to tour America and England. Another is that ABBA have decided they’re not a live performance band, and will concentrate forever more on TV specials and making records.

The most interesting theory of all is that Agnetha is pregnant!!!??????

© 1976 RAM. Thanks to Samuel Inglles